Crack the Spine Submissions

Crack the Spine Submissions Guidelines

Crack the Spine submissions are looking for solid writing. Chip-your-teeth-on-it writing. Punched-in-the-throat writing. Don’t-care-if-it’s-funny-or-sad-or-sarcastic-so-long-as-it-makes-us-react writing. They publish what we like. It’s as simple as that.

They do not offer payment for stories.

All submissions must be received through Submittable.

About Crack the Spine

Crack the Spine loves the written word. Some might say they’re in love with the written word. But that’s just a silly rumor. They publish diverse and sharp literary works, including flash fiction, micro-fiction, poetry, short stories, and creative non-fiction. They don’t care if it’s four words or four thousand words, if it’s charged with artistry, they want to publish it. Given the choice, they will always select madness over method.

crack the spine submissions