Magazines – Print and Online

So you want to be published. May I suggest instead that you bash in your skull with a wooden mallet? If that doesn’t cure you from the urge to waste thousands of pointless hours for no reward whatsoever, believe it or not, I get it.

Now that you’ve decided to toil in abject failure among the truly uninspired, the least I can do is steer you in the right direction. Does that make me some kind of sadist? Perhaps. But the one thing I cannot do, ever, is to steer a fellow traveler wrong. Good luck to you.

And remember: Your success is measured in rejection, not acceptance. Anyone can follow a trail. Be a trailblazer instead.

1) $$$ means they charge a submission fee. Your choice.

2) I try updating these links as often as possible, but you may find some outdated. In such case, just copy the name of the mag and Google it. Most these mags do not forward their URLs when they change website addresses.

3) As much as I try to avoid these uninspired little rags, I’ve been in more than a hundred of them. Like you, I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment. Be aware: the credits I’ve racked up being in magazines hasn’t done one thing for my career. But it has given me a few thrills, all the same.

PRINT Harper’s
ONLINE The Satirist
PRINT The Funny Times
PRINT/ONLINE The London Magazine
PRINT – $$$ Granta
PRINT/ONLINE Saturday Evening Post
PRINT/ONLINE The Feathertale Review
ONLINE Mad Hatter’s Review
ONLINE A Public Space
ONLINE The Adroit Journal
ONLINE After the Pause
PRINT/ONLINE Amazing Stories
PRINT The American Bystander
PRINT/ONLINE American Chordata
ONLINE Apogee Journal
ONLINE Apple Valley Review
PRINT/ONLINE Artemis Journal
ONLINE The Atlas Review
PRINT/ONLINE A Bad Penny Review
PRINT/ONLINE Baltimore Review
PRINT Bambo Ridge Press
ONLINE The Barcelona Review
PRINT Barely South Review
ONLINE Barnstorm
PRINT Bat City Review
PRINT – $$$ Bayou Magazine
Bellowing Ark
PRINT – $$$ Beloit Fiction Journal
PRINT Berkeley Fiction Review
Birch Gang Review
PRINT The Bitter Oleander
ONLINE Blackbird
PRINT Blood and Thunder
PRINT Blue Bonnet Review
PRINT Blue Earth Review
ONLINE Blue Mesa Review
ONLINE – $$$ Bodega
ONLINE The Boiler
ONLINE Border Crossing
PRINT Boston Review
ONLINE Bridge Eight
ONLINE Brooklyn Quarterly
ONLINE The Café Irreal
PRINT Camera Obscura
PRINT – $$$ Canthius
ONLINE Canyon Voices
Sub Capilano Review
Sub Caveat Lector
Sub Cheat River Review
Sub $$$ Chicago Literati
Sub $$$ Chicago Review
Chiron Review
Sub Cimarron Review
Sub Cincinnati Review
Sub Citizen 32
Sub Clamor
Sub Cleaver Maagazine
Sub Coachella Review
Sub Coe Review
Sub Cemetery Dance
Sub Collagist
Sub Columbia College Lit Review
Sub Columbia Journal
Columbia Review
Sub $$$ Concho River Review
Conium Review
Conium Review
Sub Contrary
Sub Cooper Street
Sub Corium
Sub Cortland Review
Sub Cossack Review
Crab Creek Review
ONLINE Crab Fat Magazine
ONLINE Crack the Spine
Sub Cream City Review
Sub Cut Bank
Sub Cypress Knee
Sub Danforth Review
Sub Dappled Things
Sub Dead Drunk Dublin
Sub Decomp
Denver Quarterly
Sub Descant
Devil’s Lake
Double Room
Sub East of the Web
Eleven Eleven
Ellipses Magazine
Emerge Literary Journal
Sub Emerson Review
Endinburgh Review
Sub Epicenter
Sub Esopus
Evergreen Review
Sub Every Day Fiction
PRINT/ONLINE Frank Magazine
Sub Faultline
Sub Fence
Fiction Daily
Sub Fiction International
Sub Fiction Magazine
Fifth Wednesday
Sub Flash (UK)
Sub Flint Hills Review
Sub Flyway
Sub Folio
Sub Four Quarters Magazine
Sub Fourteen Hills (SF)
Sub Frigg Magazine
Sub Front Porch Journal
Sub Gambler
Sub Gangway (Germany)
Sub Gemini Magazine
Sub Gemini Magazine
Ghost Ocean Magazine
Sub Gigantic Sequins
Sub Ginko Tree Review
Sub Ginosko Journal
Sub Glassworks
Sub Grain Magazine
Sub Grasslimb
Sub Graze
Sub Greenleaf Review
Griffith Review
Sub Guernica Magazine
Gulf Stream
Sub Hamilton Arts & Letters
Harpur Palate
Harpur Palate
Sub Hawaii Pacific Review
Hawaii Review
Sub Hazlitt
Sub Heartwood
Sub Heavy Feather Review
Sub Helix, The
Sub Hermeneutic Chaos
Sub Higgs Weldon
Sub Hobart
Hot Metal Bridge
Sub Identitiy Theory
Sub In Posse Review
Sub Ink, Sweat, and Tears
Sub Intellectual Refuge
Into the Void
Sub Irish Literary Review
Iron Horse Lit Review
Sub Island Magazine (AU)
Sub Island Review
Sub Isthmus Review
Jabberwock Review
Sub Jelly Fish Review
Sub Journal, The
Sub Juked
Sub Keyhole Magazine
Sub Knee-jerk Magazine
Sub Konch
Sub Lake Effect
Sub Landfall (NZ)
Sub Lascaux Review
Sub Lazy Fascist Review
Sub Lit
Sub Literrary Juice
Sub Litro
Sub Little Magazine (India)
Sub Little Patuxent Review
Little Star
Sub Little Star Weekly
Liyerary Orphans
Sub Lonely Crowd, The
Sub Louisville Review
Sub MacGuffin
ONLINE Mad Hatter’s Review
ONLINE Madcap Review
Sub Malahat Review (CA)
Manchester Review
Manoa Pacific Journal
Sub Masters Review
Sub Matter
Sub Melic Review
Sub Menacing Hedge
Sub Mid-American Review
Sub Minnesota Review
Sub Molotov Cocktail 
Monongahela Review
Sub Monouth University Review
Sub Moonglass Magazine
Sub MxNeese Review
Sub N+1
Sub N+1
Sub Nashville Review
Nashville Review
Nassau Review
Nassau Review
Sub Neo (Portugal)
Nervous Breakdown, The
Sub New Madrid
New Mexico Review
Sub Ninth Letter
SNAIL North American Review
North American Review
Sub Notre Dame Review
Sub Nth Degree
Sub Number 11
Sub Off Course
Oklahoma Review
Oklahoma Review
Sub One Story
Sub One Throne Magazine
Sub Openwide
Sub Ostrich Review
Sub Other Stories
Oyez Review
Sub Parcel
Sub Passages North
Sub Paumanok Review
Pedestal Magazine
Penn Magazine
Penny Dreadful
Sub Pithead Chapel
Sub Platform
Sub Platypus Press (UK)
Sub Points in Case
Sub Polyphony
Sub Poor Yorick
Sub Portland Review
Sub Posit
Post Road Magazine
Sub Potomac Review
Sub POV Magazine
Sub Prarie Schooner
Sub Product
Profane Journal
Sub Progenitor
Sub Prole (UK)
Sub Puerto del Sol
Sub Pulp Literature
Sub Quarter After Eight
Sub Quarterly West
Sub Queen’s Quarterly
Sub Quotable
Sub Qwerty
Radio Silence
Raliegh Review
Sub Rathalla Review
Red River Review
Sub Red Rock Review
Sub Reorient
Sub Rio Grande Review
Sub River Styx
Sub Roanoake Review
Sub Roanoke Review
Rock & Sling
Sub Room Magazine
Rufus City Review
Sub Rumpus
Sub Sable
Sub Salamander
Sub Salmagundi
Sub Salt Hill
Sub San Pedro River Review
Sub SAND (Germany)
Sub Santa Clara Review
Sub Santa Fe Writers Projecy Quarterly
SNAIL Santa Monica Review
Saw Palm
Sub Seattle Review
Sub Shampoo
Short Fiction
Sub Short Fiction Break
Sub Sierra Nevada Review
Sub Skidrow Penthouse
Sub Sleeping Fish
Sub Sleet Magazine
Sub Slice
Sub Slippery Elm
Sub Sonder Review
Sub South Dakota Review
Sub $$$ Southeast Review
Southern Humanities Review 
Sub Southern Indiana Review
Sub Southwestern American Literature  (TX)
Sub Sou’wester
Spinning Jenny
Sub Split Lip Magazine
Sub Sprindrift
Sub Spry
Sub Squalorly
Sub Squawk Back
Stickman Review
Sub Stockholm Review (Sweden)
Sub Storm Cellar
Sub Story
Sub Storychird
Sub StorySouth
Sub Strand Magazine
Sub Straylight
Sub Subtropics (Jan. 16)
Sub Sukoon
Sub Summerset Review
Sub Sun
Sub Sundog
Sub Sycamore Review
Sub Sycamore Review
Taddle Creek
Sub Tears in the Fence (UK)
Sub The Tush
Sub Third Coast
Sub Third Space
Sub Threepenny Review
Sub Timber
Sub Toasted Cheese
Sub Trash Fiction
Sub Trop, the Weirdo Literary Magazine
Tupelo Quarterly
Sub Tweed’s
Sub Underground Voices
Sub Upstreet
Vestal Review
Sub Washington Square Review
Sub Waxwing Magazine
Sub Well Street Journal
ONLINE Weekly Humorist
Sub Westerly (AU)
Sub Whale Road Review
Sub Whistling Shade
Sub White Review
Sub Wig Leaf
Willard and Maple
Sub Wind Magazine
Sub Witness
Sub Word Riot
Sub Writing Disorder
Sub Yalobusha Review
Sub Yemassee Journal
York Lit Review
Sub Z-composition
Sub $$$ Zone 3
SNAIL Zyzzyva (SF)

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