The American Bystander Submissions

The American Bystander Submissions

If you are a writer, may we express our condolences. If you still want to see yourself in print, American Bystander Submissions can be sent to none other than Michael Gerber himself. You can send them by carrier pigeon, over an Enigma machine, or you can submit it through their Submittable page. You can follow the guidelines their, or you can just do what you want. If someone has referred you to The American bystander, like your cousin Jethro, please let them know.

And oh yes: If you are in a hurry, tough luck. Mike is extremely busy, or he’s locked himself in the John again. Either way, it’s gonna be awhile.

About The American Bystander

It was way back in October of 2015 that a misfit group of ne’er do wells decided to launch The American Bystander, the first true magazine of warped humor since National Lampoon. The American Bystander not only looks like the legendary Lampoon, it reads like it too. With all the dull wit out there these days, it’s great to see someone come along and strive for excellence again. And the best part: this is a print magazine. That’s right, this is the same kind of old-school magazine you can roll up in your hands and beat the dog with. Just try doing that with your Mac Book.

American Bystander Submissions