kung fu trump by philip loyd

Kung Fu Trump

by Roberto Dinero… Hi. My name is Roberto Dinero, and I’m from the LA. East LA. The mean streets, where it all goes down. Shit. Okay, so you know who I really am. What gave it away? But that’s not the point. Everybody has the right to use a pseudonym. If Martin Lieber gets to…

MAD Magazine Spy vs Spy

Mad Magazine Spy vs Spy

by Antonio Prohías… Spy vs. Spy was a comic strip published in MAD magazine. It featured two agents involved in comic-book espionage activities: one dressed in black, the other in white. A parody of the Cold War, the strip was created by Cuban expatriate cartoonist Antonio Prohías, first appearing in MAd Issue #60 in 1961.…

MAD Magazine - Issue 3 Cover -

MAD Magazine Issue 3

January 1953… Issue three takes on Dragnet with the story, “Dragged Net”, from Bill Elder. Wally Wood does “V-Vampires;” John Severin draws “Sheik of Araby” and Jack Davis writes the “Long Stranger.” Harvey Kurtzman does the cover art. .    

They Call Me Professor by Philip Loyd

They Call Me Professor

by Scholarly Philly… “Get out your Sunday best,” said my wife.  “He’s coming!  He’s really coming!” Who?  Who’s coming, I thought? But I dare not ask.  When my wife gets excited like this, the best thing to do is just stay out of her way.  Yes, I was a henpecked husband just like out of…

Gay Frog Pride Parade by Elizabeth Scher

Gay Frog Pride Parade

by Elizabeth Scher… There’s a new way of life, and it’s hitting ponds all across America. It’s called Gay Frog Pride, and this Saturday in its most prestigious community, right here in the middle of New York’s Central Park, gay frogs will be holding their first ever Gay Frog Pride Parade. While homosexuality among fly…

An Evil Town by Charles Bukowski

An Evil Town

by Charles Bukowski… Frank walked down the steps. He didn’t like elevators. He didn’t like many things. He disliked steps less than he disliked elevators. The desk clerk called to him: “Mr. Evans! Would you step over here, please?” The desk clerk’s face looked like cornmeal mush. It was all Frank could do to keep…

Lip Service by Robert Burton Robinson

Lip Service

by Robert Burton Robinson…  She took the elevator up to the fourteenth floor and went to Suite 1419. There was no sign. Nothing to indicate whose office it was. She reached into her purse and took out the slip of paper with her notes on it. Yes, this was supposed to be it. Read the…