VICE Magazine Submissions

VICE Magazine Submissions


Founded by Suroosh Alvi, Gavin McInnes and Shane Smith, the magazine was launched in 1994 as the Voice of Montreal with government funding, and the intention of the founders was to provide work and a community service. When the editors later sought to dissolve their commitments with the original publisher Alix Laurent, they bought him out and changed the name to Vice in 1996. VICE Magazine submissions cant be sent by mail to:

VICE Magazine
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Vice Magazine includes the work of journalists, columnists, fiction writers, graphic artists and cartoonists, and photographers. Both Vice’s online and magazine content has shifted from dealing mostly with independent arts and pop cultural matters to covering more serious news topics. Due to the large array of contributors and the fact that often writers will only submit a small number of articles with the publication, Vice’s content varies dramatically and its political and cultural stance is often unclear or contradictory. Articles on the site feature a range of subjects, often things not covered as by mainstream media.


 VICE Magazine submissions