Mad Hatter’s Review Submissions

Mad Hatter’s Review Submissions

Mad Hatters’ Review, an annual online multimedia magazine welcomes writings that address psycho-social issues, the pollution of minds, hearts, bodies and nature. They also welcome purely aesthetic pieces, packed with surprising images and whimsical word plays. The name of our annual reflects our view of the world as essentially demented and nonsensical, too frequently a nightmare or “non-dream” that needs to be exposed to the light for what it is, as well as what it is not. Mad Hatter’s Review Submissions as follows:

Mad Hatter is particularly interested in risky, thematically broad (i.e., saying something about the world and its creatures), psychologically and philosophically sophisticated works. Humor, satire, irony, magical realism and surrealism are welcome.

They look for originality, surprise, intellectual and emotional strength, lyricism and rhythm. They love writers who stretch their imaginations to the limits and challenge conventional notions of reality and style; we care little for categories.

Submit through their Submittable page.


Mad Hatter's Review Submissions