Agents / Publishers

This is my list of nearly 800 agents and independent publishers from all over the world. Eight countries, in all. This is my personal list I used when submitting my novel. It led to my landing a genuine, big-time NY agent, and very close now to getting a deal with a major publishing house. In return, please just give us a FOLLOW. Thanks, and good luck!


Name Locale
3 Seas Literary Agency WI
A Plus B Works NYC
Aaron Priest Literary Agency NYC
Abrams Artists Agency NYC/LA
Ahearn Agency NOLA
Akin & Randolph Agency NJ
Alicka Pistek Literary Agency NYC
Allen O’Shea Literary Agency CT
Amy Rennert Agency SF
Anderson Literary Management NYC
Andrea Brown Literary Agency CA
Andrea Hurst & Associates NYC
Andy Ross Agency SF
Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency CA
Ann Elmo Agency, Inc. NYC
Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency NYC
Anne Edelstein Literary Agency NYC
Anne McDermid and Associates NYC
Annie Bomke Agency SoCal
Aponte Literary Agency NY
April Eberhardt Literary Agency CA
Aragi Agency NYC
Arcadia Literary Agency CT
Artists and Artisans Inc. NYC
Ashley Grayson Literary Agency CA
Axelrod Agency NY
Axelrod Agency NY
Ayesha Pande Literary NYC
Ayesha Pande Literary NYC
Ayesha Pande Literary NYC
Baker Literary Scouting NJ
Baker’s Mark OR
Baldi Agency NYC
Barbara Bova Literary Agency Naples FL
Barbara Braun Associates NYC
Barbara Hogenson Agency NYC
Barbara J. Zitwer Agency  NYC
Barone Literary Agency OH
Baror International NYC
Barry Goldblatt Literary NYC
Belcastro Agency FL
Bent Agency NYC
Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises OR
BJ Robbins Literary Agency LA
Bleecker Street Associates NYC
Blue Ridge Literary Agency VA
Blumer Literary Agency
Bob Mecoy Literary Agency NYC
Bond Literary Agency Denver
Book Ends Literary NYC
Book Ends Literary NYC
Book Group NYC
Books & Such Literary Agency CA
Bradford Literary Agency NYC
Bradford Literary Agency NYC
Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc. LA
Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc. LA
Brenda Feigen LA
Bresnick Weil Literary Agency NYC
Brick House Literary Agents NYC
Brogan Agency LA
Browne & Miller Literary Associates Chicago
Carnicelli Literary Management NY
Carol Mann Agency NYC
Carol Mann Agency NYC
Castiglia Literary Agency CA
Chalberg & Sussman NYC
Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency LA
Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency NYC
Chase Literary Agency NYC
Choate Agency NY
Chris Calhoun Agency NYC
CineLit Representation CA
Clegg Agency NYC
Compass Talent NYC
Cornerstone Literary Agency LA
Corvisiero Literary Agency NYC
Cowles-Ryan Literary Agency Boston
Creative Culture NYC
Creative Media Agency NYC
Curtis Brown Ltd. NYC
doodily doodily doo everywhere
Cynthia Cannell Literary Agency NYC
Damaris Rowland Agency NYC
Dana Newman Literary Agency LA
Darhansoff & Verrill NYC
Davey Literary & Media Management NYC
David Black Literary Agency NYC
Dee Mura Literary NY
DeFiore and Company NYC
DeFiore and Company NYC
Denise Marcil Literary Agency, Inc.  CT
Denise Shannon Literary Agency NYC
Diana Finch Literary Agency NYC
Doe Coover Agency MA
Dominick Abel Literary Agency NYC
Don Congdon NYC
Don Congdon NYC
Donald Maass Literary Agency NYC
Donaldo & Olson NYC
doris michaels literary agency NYC
Doug Grad Literary Agency NYC
Dreisbach Literary Management CA
Dunham Literary NYC
Dunow, Carlson & Lerner Literary Agency NYC
Dupree Miller & Associates Dallas
Dystel & Goderich Literary Management NYC
Dystel & Goderich Literary Management NYC
Dystel & Goderich Literary Management NYC
East West Literary Agency LA
Einstein Literary Management NYC
Elizabeth Kaplan Literary Agency NYC
Elyse Cheney Literary Associates NYC
Emilie Stewart Literary Agency NYC
Emma Sweeney Agency NYC
Empire Literary NYC
Esther Margolis Media Group NYC
Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency NYC
Evan Marshall Agency NJ
Fairbank Literary Representation NY
Falkin Literary Austin
Farber Literary Agency NYC
Felicia Eth Literary Agency CA
Fielding Agency LA
FiFi Oscard Agency NYC
Fine Literary LA
Fine Print Literary Management NYC
Fine Print Literary Management NYC
Fischer-Harbage Agency NYC
Fleck Agency Dallas
Fletcher & Company NYC
Folio Literary Management  NYC
Folio Literary Management  NYC
Foundry Literary + Media NYC
Foundry Literary + Media  NYC
Fox Literary NYC
Frances Collin Literary Agency PA
Frances Goldin Literary Agency NYC
Franklin & Siegal NYC
Fredrica S. Friedman & Co. NYC
Friedrich Agency NYC
Full Circle Literary SoCal
Fuse Literary NYC
G Agency NYC
Gelfman Schneider NYC
Gernet Company NYC
Gersh Agency NYC
Ghosh Literary NYC
Gina Maccoby Literary Agency NY
Glass Literary Management NYC
Global Lion FL
Global Literary Management NYC
Globallion NYC
Greenburger Associates NYC NYC
Grosvenor Literary Agency DC
Hannigan Salky Getzler Agency NYC
Harold Schmidt Literary Agency NYC
Harvey Klinger, Inc. NYC
Heacock Hill LA
Helen Zimmermann Literary Agency NY
Hershman Rights Management CT
Hill Nadell Literary Agency CA
Hornfischer Literary Management Austin
Howard Morhaim Literary Agency  NYC
ICM Partners NYC
ICM Partners NYC
Inklings Literary Agency VA
InkWell Management NYC
There once was a man from Nantucket Nantucket
Irene Goodman Literary Agency NYC
Irene Skolnick Agency NYC
Irene Webb NM
J de S Associates CT
J. A. Weber Literaturagentur GmbH Germany
Jabberwocky Literary Agency NJ
James Fitzgerald Agency NYC
Jane Chelius Literary Agency  NYC
Jane Rotrosen Agency  NYC
Janklow & Nesbit NYC
Jason Yarn Literary Agency NYC
Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency NYC
Jeff Herman Agency MA
Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency NYC
Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency NYC
Jill Grinberg Literary Management NYC
Jill Grosjean Literary Agency NY
Jim Donovan Literary Dallas
Joanna Pulcini Literary Management Philly
Jody Rein Books, Inc.  NYC
Joelle Delbourgo Associates NJ
John Hawkins & Associates, Inc.  NYC
Joy Harris Literary Agency NYC
Jud Laghi Agency NYC
Judith Ehrlich Literary Management NYC
Judith Riven Literary Agency NYC
Julia Lord Literary Management NYC
Julie A. Hill and Associates SoCal
Karen Gantz Literary Management NYC
Karpfinger Agency NYC
Kathi J. Paton Literary Agency NYC
Kathryn Green Literary Agency NYC
Ken Sherman & Associates LA
Kimberley Cameron & Associates CA
Kirsten Manges Literary NYC
Kneerim & Williams Literary Agency MA
Knight Agency, Inc. 
Knight Agency, Inc. 
Kraas Literary Agency NM
Kuhn Projects NYC
L Perkins Agency NYC
LA Literary Agency CA
Larsen Pomada Literary Agency SF
Larsen Pomada Literary Agency SF
Larsen Pomada Literary Agency SF
Launchbooks Literary Agency CA
Laura Dail Literary Agency NYC
Laura Gross Literary Agency MA
Laura Langlie Agency NYC
Leigh Feldman Literary NYC
Leshne Agency NYC
Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency NYC
Levine Greenburg Rostan NYC
Linda Allen Literary Agency SF
Linda Chester Literary Agency NYC
Linda Roghaar Literary Agency MA
Linn Prentis Literary NYC
Linnan Literary NYC
Lippincott Massie McQuilkin NYC
Literary and Creative Artists NYC
Literary Artists Representatives NYC
Literary Group International NYC
Liza Dawson Associates NYC
Liza Dawson Associates NYC
Liza Dawson Associates NYC
Liza Royce Agency NYC
Loretta Barrett Books, Inc.  NYC
Lotts Agency NYC
Lotus Lane Literary
Lowenstein Associates NYC
Lynn Seligman, Literary Agent NJ
Lyons Literary LLC NYC
Malaga Baldi Literary Agency NYC
Mansion Street Literary Management NYC
Manus & Associates NYC
Margret McBride Literary Agency CA
Maria Carvainis Agency NYC
Marianne Strong Literary Agency NYC
Markson Literary Agency, Inc.  NYC
Markson Toma Literary Agency NYC
Marsal Lyon Literary Agency CO
Marsh Agency
Martell Agency NYC
Martha Kaplan Agency NYC
Martha Millard Literary Agency NYC
Mary Evans, Inc. NYC
Max Gartenberg Literary Agency PA
McCarthy Agency, LLC NJ
McGinniss Associates Literary Agency NYC
McIntosh & Otis, Inc. NYC
McIntyre Agency NYC
McVeigh Agency NYC
Meredith Bernstein Literary Agency NYC
Miriam Altshuler Literary Agency NY
Movable Type Management NYC
N.S. Bienstock NYC
N.S. Bienstock NYC
Nancy Stauffer Associates CT
Nancy Yoast Literary Agency NYC
Natasha Kern Literary Agency WA
Ned Leavitt Agency NYC
Nelson Literary Agency Denver
New Leaf Literary
Northwest Literary Agency WA
Objective Entertainment NYC
Paradigm Literary and Talent Agency NYC
Park Literary Group NYC
Patricia Moosbrugger Literary Agency
Paul Bresnick Literary Agency NYC
Paul S. Levine Literary Agent LA
Pavillion Literary Management MA
Pen and Ink Literary NYC
Peter Lampack Agency NYC
Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency NY
Pinder Lane & Garon-Brooke Associates NYC
Plains Agency WI
Prospect Agency NYC
Publication Riot Group NYC
Queen Literary Agency NYC
Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency LA
Rebecca Strong International Literary Agency NYC
Red Sofa Literary MN
Rees Literary Agency NYC
Regal-Hoffman & Associaties NYC
Renaissance Literary & Talent LA
Renee Zuckerbrot Literary Agent LA
Richard Curtis Agency NYC
Richard Henshaw Group NYC
Ricia Mainhardt Agency CT
Ricia Mainhardt Agency LA
RLR Associates NYC
Rob Weisbach Creative Management NYC
Robbins Office NYC
Robin Mizell Literary Representation SC
Robin Straus Agency, Inc.  NYC
Roslyn Targ Literary Agency, Inc.  NYC
Ross Yoon Literary Agency DC
Ruben Agency NYC
Sagalyn Agency DC
Salkind Literary Agency
Salkind Literary Agency – Greg Aunapu NY
Sally Hill McMillan & Associates NC
Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency CA
Sara Camilli Agency PA
Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency NYC
Savvy Literary Houston
Schiavone Literary Agency FL
Scott Meredith Literary Agency NYC
Scott Treimel New York Agency NYC
Scovil, Galen, Ghosh NYC
Selectric Artists NYC
Serendipity Lit Agency
Seymour Agency NY
Signature Literary Agency DC
Simenauer & Green Literary Agency
Speilburg LIterary Agency
Spencerhill Associates FL
Spieler Agency NYC
Steele-Perkins Literary Agency NY
Stephanie Trade Agency NY
Stephen Pevner Literary Management NYC
Steve Laube Agency AZ
Stonesong Literary Agency NYC
Strauss Literary NYC
Stringer Literary Agency Naples FL
Strothman Agency NYC
Stuart Agency NYC
Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency, Inc. NYC
Susan Golomb Literary Agency
Susan Schulman Literary Agency  NYC
Talbot Fortune Agency NYC
Talcott Notch Literary Services CT
Talcott Notch Literary Services CT
Tessler Literary Agency NYC
Thompson Literary Agency NYC
Tomasino Agency, Inc. NYC
Trace Literary Agency IN
Triada US Literary Agency PA
Trident Media Group NYC
Poseidon had a trident Undersea Kingdom
His wife had one too Under Poseidon
Union Literary NYC
United Talent Agency NYV
Unter Agency NYC
Upstart Crow Literary NYC
van Haitsma Literary CA
Venture Literary CA
Veritas Literary Agency CA
Vicky Bijur Literary Agency NYC
Victoria Sanders & Associates NYC
Victoria Sanders & Associates NYC
Virginia Kidd Agency PA
Virgo Intacta Productions
Wales Literary Agency Seattle
Ward & Balkin Agency MA
Warner Literary Group CO
Waterside Productions CA
Watkins Loomis Agency NYC
Waxman Leavell Literary Agency NYC
Wendy Sherman Associates NYC
Whimsy Literary Agency NYC
William Morris/Endeavor NYC
Wm Clark Associates NYC
Wolf Literary Services LLC NYC
Wolf Literary Services LLC NYC
Wolfson Literary Agency
Writers House NYC
Writer’s House NYC
Writers’ Representatives NYC
WSK Management NYC
Wylie Agency NYC
Zachary Shuster Harmsworth Boston
William Morris/Endeavor NYC
3 Arts Entertainment NYC
Blanche C. Gregory, Inc. NYC
Curtis Brown, Ltd.  NYC
David Black Literary Agency NYC
Geroges Borchardt Literary Agency
Harold Ober
Kapfinger Agency NYC
McCormick & Williams NYC
McCormick & Williams
McCormick Literary NYC
Mendel Media CA
Phoebe Larmore Literary Agency NYC
Richard Parks Agency NYC
Sobel Webber NYC
Spectrum Literary Agency NYC
Sterling Lord Literistic
Harold Ober Associates
Zoe Pagnamenta Agency NYC
Sobel Weber Associates NYC
Anne McDermid and Associates Canada
Beverley Slopen Literary Agency Canada
Dean Cooke Agency Canada
Donaghy Literary Group  Canada
Helen Heller Agency Canada
Integral Artists Inc. Canada
Rights Factory Canada
Transatlantic Literary Agency Canada
Westwood Creative Artists Canada
PS Literary Canada
Robert ;ecker Agency Canada
Active Artists Management Australia
Alex Adsett Australia
Altair-Australia Literary Agency Australia
Anthony Williams Management Australia
Australian Literary Management Australia
Author’s Agent Australia
Book Harvest Literary Agency Australia
Bruce Kennedy Management Australia
Bryson Agency Australia
Calidris Literary Agency Australia
callaghan literary management Australia
Cameron Creswell Agency Australia
Cameron’s Australia
Catherine Poulton Management Australia
Creative Representation Australia
Drummond Agency Australia
Frances Plimpton Literary Agency NZ
Gilbert Literary Agency NZ
Glenys Bean Writer’s Agent NZ
Golvan Arts Management Australia
Harbour Street Management Australia
Harry Miller Australia
HLA Management Australia
Jacinat di Mase Management Australia
James Laurie Management Australia
Jenny Darling & Associates Australia
Karen Kay Management NZ
Kubler Aukland Management NZ
Lisa Mann Creative Management Australia
Margaret Connolly and Associates  Australia
Margaret Gee Australia
Margaret Kennedy Agency Australia
Michael Gifkins Associates NZ
Rick Raftos Management Australia
Sophie Jermyn Management Australia
Zeitegeist Media Group Australia
A.M.Heath & Co. London
A.M.Heath & Co. London
Abner Stein England
Agency, The London
Aitken Alexander London
Aitken Alexander Associates Ltd London
Alan Brodie Representation London
AM Heath London
Ampersand Agency (The) Ltd England
Andrew Lownie Lit London
Andrew Mann Ltd London
Andrew Nurnberg Associates Ltd London
Annette Green Authors’ Agency England
Antony Harwood Limited England
Anubis Literary Agency England
AP Watt Ltd London
Artellus Ltd. London
Bell Lomax Moreton England
Blair Partnership London
Blake Friedmann Literary London
Bryan Drew Ltd London
CardenWright Literary Agency London
Caroline Davidson Literary Agency London
Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency London
Christine Green Authors’ Agent London
Christopher Little Literary Agency London
Clare Hulton Literary Agency London
Conville & Walsh Ltd London
Coombs Moylett Literary Agency London
Creative Authors Ltd London
Curtis Brown UK London
Darley Anderson Literary London
Darley Anderson Literary London
Darley Anderson Literary London
David Grossman Literary Agency London
David Higham Associates London
David O’Leary Literary Agency London
Dench Arnold London
DGA Ltd London
DHH Literary Agency London
Diamond Kahn and Woods Literary Agency London
Diane Banks Associates Ltd London
Diane Wiener London
DKW Literary Agency London
Dorie Simmonds Agency London
Eccles Fisher Associates London
Ed Victor Ltd London
Eddison Pearson Ltd London
Edwards Fuglewicz London
Elaine Steel Writers’ Agency London
Elise Dillsworth Agency London
Elspeth Cochrane Personal Management London
Eric Glass Ltd London
Eve White England
Felicity Bryan Literary Agency England
Felix De Wolfe Literary Agency London
Fox & Howard London
Fraser Ross Scotland
Furniss Lawton London
Futerman, Rose & Associates London
Georgina Capel Associates London
Graham Maw Christie London
Greene & Heaton Ltd London
Gregory & Co London
Gunn Media London
Hanbury Agency London
Hardman & Swainson London
HHB Agency Ltd London
Imrie & Dervis Literary Agency London
Inspira Group London
Isabel White Literary Agency London
James Peter Associates Inc. London
Jane Conway Gordon London
Jane Dowery Agency London
Jane Judd Literary Agency London
Jane Turnbull, Literary Agent London
Janet Fillingham Associates London
Jankow & Nesblit England
Jenny Brown Associates Scotland
JM Thurley Management England
Jo Unwin Literary Agency  London
John Jarrold London
Johnson & Alcock London
Jonathan Clowes Ltd London
Jonathan Conway Literary Agency London
Jonathan Pegg Literary Agency London
Judith Chilcote Agency London
Judith Murdoch Literary Agency London
Kate Hordern Literary Agency England
Ki Agency Ltd London
Laura Morris Literary Agency London
Laurence Fitch Ltd London
Lavinia Trevor Literary Agency London
LBA Literary Agency London
Limelight Management London
Lindsay Literary Agency England
Lisa Richards Agency Ireland
Lorella Belli Literary Agency London
Louise Greenberg Books Ltd London
Lucas Alexander Whitley Ltd London
Luigi Bonomi Associates London
Lutyens & Rubinstein London
Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency London
Maggie Noach Literary Agency  London
Marjacq Scripts Ltd London
Mary Clemmey Literary Agency London
MBA Literary & Script Agents London
Mic Cheetham Associates London
Michael Berenti Literary Agency  London
Michelle Kass & Associates London
Michelle Kass & Associates London
Mulcahy Associates Ltd London
Narrow Road Company London
Narrow Road Company London
Peake Associates London
PFD (Peters, Fraser and Dunlop London
Pollinger London
Redhammer England
Richford Becklow Literary Agency England
Robert Dudley Agency London
Rochelle Stevens & Co London
Rod Hall Agency Limited London
Rogers, Coleridge & White Ltd London
Rupert Crew Ltd London
Rupert Heath Literary Agency London
Sayle Literary Agency London
Scott Ferris Associates England
Sheil Land Associates London
Sheila Ableman Literary Agency London
Shelley Power Literary Agency England
Shirley Stewart Literary Agency London
Sisijn Agency London
Standen Literary Agency London
Susan Mears Literary Agency London
Susan Yearwood Literary Agency London
Susanna Lea Associates London
Suzy Jenvey Associates  England
Tanja Howarth Literary Agency London
Tassy Barham Associates London
Tennyson Agency London
Teresa Chris Literary Agency London
Tibnor Jones & Associates London
Toby Eady Associates Literary Agency London
United Agents London
Viney Agency (The) London
Wade & Co. Literary London
Watson, Little Ltd  London
Whispering Buffalo Literary Agency London
WME Talent & Literary Agency London
Wylie Agency London
Amanda Howard Associates: London
Academy Chicago Chicago
Akasic Books NYC
Allium Press of Chicago Chicago
Alternative Book Press NJ
Ampersand Books
Arcade Publishing NYC
Atticus Books NJ
Bancroft Press MD
Beaufort Books NYC
Bellevue Literary Press NYC
Black Lawrence Press PA
Black Scat Books CA
Blackslate Press MO
Bondfire Books CO
Brick Mantel Books NY
Burning Shores Press LA
Canongate Books NYC
Central Avenue IL
City Lights Publishers SF
Coffee House Press NYC
Conundrum Press CO
Dalkey Archive Press PA
Divertir Publishing NH
Double Life Press IL
Duke University Press NC
Dzanc Books MI
Europa Editions NYC
Farrar, Straus & Giroux (MacMillan) NYC
FC2 (University of Alabama Press) AL
Featherproof Books Chicago
Forest Avenue Press OR
George Braziller, Inc. NYC
Graywolf Press MN
Hawkins Publishing
Hawthorne Books OR
Haymarket Books Chicago
Headline Books
Homebound Publications CT
Hub City Press SC
IG Publishing NYC
Indiana University Press IN
John F Blair Publisher NC
Kensington Books NYC
Lanternfish Press PA
Leapfrog Press
Llewellyn MN
LSU Press LA
MadHat Press NC
McPherson & Co. NYC
Melville House NYC
Merge Publishing NY
Milkweed Editions MN
Moonshine Cove Publishing SC
Nebraska Press NB
New American Press WI
New Directions Publishing NYC
New Rivers Press MN
Outpost19 SF
Overlook Press NYC
Owl Canyon Press CO
Paul Dry Books PA
Pen Name Publishing MN
Pen-L Publishing AR
Permanent Press NY
Permuted Press
Persea Books NYC
Premium Press America TN
Pressgang IN
Prolific Press Inc. VA
Prometheus Books NY
Publishing Genius GA
Queen’s Ferry Press TX
Red Mountain Press NM
Sarabande Books, Inc.
Select Books NYC
Seven Stories Press NYC
Shadow Mountain UT
Siglio Press
SoHo Press NYC
Squircle Line Press
Steelforth Press NH
Story Plant CT
Summertime Publications Inc AZ
Sunbury Press
Tayen Lane Publishing CA
Three Rooms Press NYC
Thunder Lake Press CT
Title Town Publishing WI
Twisted Road Publications FL
Unbridled Books CO
University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press LA
Walrus Publishing MO
Wellstone Center SF
Wild Age Press PA
Accents Publishing
Bakara Books Canada
Cormorant Books Canada
Ekstasis Editions Canada
New Star Books Canada
Chizine Publications Canada
Accent Press England
Arc Publications England
Arcadia Books London
Atlas Books London
Aurora Metro Press England
Austin & Macauley London
Birlinn Ltd Scotland
Bitter Lemon Press London
Black and White Publishing London
Carlton Books London
Crobie Jardin London
Five Leaves Publications England
Fledgling Press Scotland
Flipped Eye Publishing England
Headline Press London
Holland Park Press London
Legend Press London
Myriad Publishing London
Myrmidon Books London
Parthian Books England
Pegasus England
Pyrrhic House England
Quartet Books London
Robert Hale Publishing London
Route Publishing London
Salt Publishing London
Serpent’s Tail London
Siglio Press Scotland
Marion Boyars Publishers London
Acland Press Australia
Affirm Press Australia
Allen Unwin Australia
Arcadia Publishing Australia
Bideena Publishing Australia
Black Inc. Australia
Black Pepper Publishing Australia
Brandl & Schlesinger Australia
ETT Imprint Australia
Fontaine Press Australia
GHR Press Australia
Giramondo Publishing Australia
Hachette Publishing Australia
Hardie Grant Australia
Harper Collins NZ NZ
Horizon Publishing Australia
Horwitz Publishing Australia
Hunter Publishers Australia
Hybrid Publishers Australia
Margaret River Press Australia
Melbourne University Press Australia
New Holland Publishers Australia
Odyssey Books Australia
Pan Macmillan Australia
Panterra Press Australia
Puncher & Wattmann Australia
Random House/Penguin Australia
Richard Smart Publishing Australia
Satalyte Publishing Australia
Scribe Publications Australia
Steele Roberts NZ
Text Publishing Australia
Ticonderoga Publications Australia
Transit Lounge Publishing Australia
University of Queensland Press Australia
UWA Publishing Australia
Ventura Press Australia
Victoria University Press NZ
Vivid Publishing Australia
Wakefield Press Australia
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