American Bystander Submissions

American Bystander Submission Guidelines

American Bystander Submissions can be directed to Michael Gerber using the form below. Submissions should go through their Submittable page, where you will find a complete set of Submission Guidelines. If you have been recommended by one of our staff, please mention that in your cover letter.

Please be patient — Mike is preposterously busy, but he’ll reply as soon as he can.

About the American Bystander

In October 2015, a bunch of genial weirdos came together to create The American Bystander, the first new national humor magazine in 30 years. We wanted to create a place for print humor in the 21st Century; in a dumbness-forward era, we wanted to present if not an antidote, at least an alternative. What the world needs now is therapy on a species-wide scale — but until then, there’s The American Bystander.

American Bystander Submissions