Have You Heard the Good News?

by Born Again Philly…

I’ll never forget how I came to find Jesus, and just how close I came to meeting my maker.

The year was 1974 and I was living in Salt Lake City, right smack dab in the middle of Mormon country. I was a wanna-be Buddhist who had come for the George Harrison, Ravi Shankar concert at the Salt Palace, then decided to stay. Salt Lake City is just teeming with spirituality, and you could feel the buzz everywhere. Unfortunately, in 1974 Salt Lake City was also in the midst of a serial-killing spree. It had everyone on edge.

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About the Author
Philip Loyd loves fat chicks and cheap beer, though not necessarily in that order. He has worked for Forbes and McGraw Hill, both times running for his life as if waking up from a nightmare. His dream is to one day move to Hollywood, take up serial killing, and walk away with a Razzie. Until then, he lives with his mom in Dumbass, Texas. PhilipLoyd.com




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