The Titleist

by Formerly Philly…

This is the story of Ricky Rude. Or maybe it’s the story of Benyomen Fishenshitz. Either way, it all starts with Ricky.

You see, Ricky was this six-year old I knew way back in Kindergarten. Ricky was one of those kids who had a nickname for everyone. He was the kind of bully who just wasn’t physical enough to be your basic schoolyard tough, so he chose to be a browbeater instead. He was that kid in the class who gave everyone nicknames. Every class has at least one Ricky.

Read the whole name-changing story…


The Titleist by Philip Loyd


About the Author
Philip Loyd loves fat chicks and cheap beer, though not necessarily in that order. He has worked for Forbes and McGraw Hill, both times running for his life as if waking up from a nightmare. His dream is to one day move to Hollywood, take up serial killing, and walk away with a Razzie. Until then, he lives with his mom in Dumbass, Texas.



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